Muscle Rage – Champion Stack

Once a champion, always a champion!!

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Once a champion, always a champion.

The Champion Stack is a 10 week stack. Made up from a 6 week cycle of our LGD Extreme and Osta Rage for maximum mass and strength. Followed by a 4 week cycle of Regenerate to solidify and improve on the gains made from LGD & Osta. This stack is for the true ‘bulker’ who isn’t concearned about abs until next summer. This stack won’t put any fat on, but it won’t help either. The focus is mass and lots of it.

LGD Extreme – Our 99% of higher pure LGD, SARM. Often hailed as the king of SARM’s due to its phenomenal ability to put on mass.

Osta Rage – Our 99% or higher pure Ostarine, SARM. On average the gains are 5-7lbs of mass and great strength increases from 1 bottle.

Regenerate - Powered by Arimistane, a powerful anti estrogen that allows your body to be in the perfect environment for build muscle and lose fat.